Kimchi Workshop & Lunch
Saturday 16th June
Location TBC (Most likely in East London)
11am - 2.30pm

What is included?
Step-by-step hands on workshop
All ingredients and equipments.... the cabbage, daikon, garlic chives, gochujara (we will learn more about this), gloves, glass containers will be supplied.

Please note that this workshop is not suitable for vegetarian/vegans as we will be using fish sauce.
2 course lunch of pan-fried dumplings and we will enjoy a delicious lunch of Hot Pot together.

Please let me know if you have any dietary requirements.
Kimchi to take home
At the end of the class, you will be the proud owner of a jar of Kimchi!
Tips, tricks and after-kimchi care
Instructions, links, recipe ideas etc will be emailed to you after class for Kimchi making longevity.
Registration and Fees
Costs for the workshop is £35pp or £65 if you register together!
Enter your details below to secure a spot! Maximum of 6 per class.
Further details will be provided once registration is complete.

A little bit about me.
Hi! My name is Daphne but please call me Daph. For full disclaimer, I am NOT Korean. I am, however, 100% Asian (specifically Chinese from Malaysia) and I love cooking, eating and talking about food.

I didn't learn how to cook until I had to move out of home and I have never been hungry since. Thanks for coming along to this workshop and I look forward to eating YOUR kimchi.

If you have any burning questions or the desire to get in touch, please do so at
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